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Unleashing Expertise: Empowering Innovation at the COMPTIA SME Item Writing Workshop

We take great pleasure in celebrating the professional and personal achievements of our employees, and we are proud to showcase their accomplishments. Recently, our esteemed RSTS Site Lead of Fort Carson, Joshuah Brown, returned from a highly engaging and collaborative workshop held in Chicago, Illinois. This workshop convened industry leaders with the purpose of developing and refining new questions for the upcoming edition of the Net+ exam. Reflecting on his participation at this event, Joshuah expressed, “The experience gave me a sense of serendipity that I haven't felt in years. I was happily surprised to see others who were as passionate about my craft as I am.”

Embracing Excellence: At the COMPTIA SME Item Writing Workshop, Joshuah Brown experienced a dynamic atmosphere that nurtured creativity, innovation, and professional growth. Engaging with industry-leading experts, he delved into the intricacies of exam development, honing his skills to contribute to the advancement of the Net+ certification. The workshop became a catalyst for his expertise, pushing boundaries and opening doors to exciting opportunities.

Joshuah's Impact on Test Question Development: Joshuah’s exceptional contributions were instrumental in shaping the future of the Net+ exam. As a Subject Matter Expert, his deep knowledge and experience allowed him to craft test questions that truly reflect real-world scenarios. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Joshuah's dedication ensured the new exam would comprehensively evaluate the skills and knowledge of aspiring professionals in the field. His innovative approach and keen attention to detail have elevated the assessment process, setting a new standard of excellence.

A Future of Possibilities: Embracing Joshuah's Vision and Drive:

Last month, our company recognized Joshuah’s remarkable contributions by awarding him the Employee of the Month title. His consistent hard work, unwavering initiative, and exceptional drive have set him apart as a standout employee. Joshuah's positive attitude, kindness, and friendly demeanor have made him an invaluable member of our team. With each interaction, he goes above and beyond, leaving a lasting impression on colleagues and clients alike.

Joshuah's dedication is not only inspiring but also a shining example of the positive impact one individual can make within an organization.


Q1 What were the highlights of your experience at the COMPTIA SME Item Writing Workshop in Chicago? Can you share any standout moments or sessions that left a lasting impact on you?

Collaboration. I was most impressed with how many passionate people worked together in an effort to curate generational knowledge for our species. Whenever discord arose we worked together through the challenge because getting it right was more important than being smarter than your colleagues.

Q2 The COMPTIA SME Item Writing Workshop is known for bringing together industry-leading professionals. Did you have any valuable networking opportunities or engaging discussions with other experts in your field? How did these interactions influence your perspective?

So I was able to meet the original writer of the CompTIA Network+ exam back in 1998. Because I was able to rub elbows with experts with that level of experience, I was able to see where I stood. I learned a valuable lesson too. Every single one of us were regional Rockstars, and every single one of us had powerful stories of effort, discipline, and compassion. The experience gave me a sense of serendipity that I haven't felt in years. I was happily surprised to see others who were as passionate about my craft as I am.

Q3 As a participant in the workshop, what role did you play in shaping the development of the new test questions for the NET+ exams? Can you provide insights into the process and how your expertise contributed to this important task?

I cannot talk directly about the development process because I signed a NDA, but my role was to provide generational experience in the development and dissemination of generational knowledge. I can say that my teaching experience came into play while developing the exam questions. I was able to use some of my more extreme experiences to qualify certain scenarios used on the test. CompTIA personnel did a great job of taking my situations and making them digestible for new Net+ candidates.

Q4 The NET+ exams are highly regarded certifications in the field. How do you believe the new test questions you helped develop will enhance the overall assessment process and better evaluate the skills and knowledge of aspiring professionals in this domain?

The exam has always been field based which is what added value to the exam. Net+ is meant to solidify a junior help desk person's knowledge and prepare them for the next step which is Security+. My contribution to the exam was in line with the other experts and we all agreed, that the exam should be more scenario based. The new exam should allow aspiring professionals to see what they might encounter in the real world and it focuses more on active/critical thinking and problem solving.

Q5 What was the most exciting aspect of your visit to Chicago? Did you have any unique experiences or memorable moments during your time there? Never been before. My wife is from the area so I got insight on how she grew up. Chicago is home to some of the most amazing people too. Michael Jordan's statue reminded me of why I work so hard. It was a very special moment for me. CompTIA's staff was extremely professional. Catered meals, "think space", custom sandboxes to try out certain ideas, they had everything you could want and they were so made me feel like I was a part of the corporate family and not just some grunt trudging through the corporate landscape. Also very special!

The best thing about all of it was the curation of knowledge. I actually feel like I am contributing to all of humanity for years to come. Extremely rewarding.

“One thing I believe to the fullest is that if you think and achieve as a team, the individual accolades will take care of themselves. Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." - Michael Jordan, 1994

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Mike Bascombe
Mike Bascombe
02 juil. 2023

Way to go bro. Also, thanks for your leadership and your mentorship.


Sam McNully
Sam McNully
21 juin 2023

Excellent recognition of your knowledge, skills, and experience, Joshuah. Job well done!

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