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Shipley Business Development Bootcamp in Sterling, VA

Recently, our Director of Support Services, Dewitt Mayfield III completed the Shipley Business Development Bootcamp in Sterling, VA. Equipped with comprehensive training and invaluable insights gained from this intensive program, Dewitt is primed to enhance our organization's business development strategies and drive sustainable growth. With a keen focus on mastering the latest methodologies and best practices in business development, he is poised to leverage his newfound expertise to foster impactful client relationships, identify lucrative opportunities, and propel our company towards greater success. 


This achievement underscores our commitment to investing in the professional development of our team members and reinforces our dedication to excellence in all aspects of our operations. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact of this training reflected in our continued growth and success.


Check out this interview with Dewitt on his experience in Sterling: 


Q: How do you expect the bootcamp to influence your approach to long-term positioning within our industry, and what strategic insights did you gain? 

A: Through the training at the Shipley boot camp, I gained a better understanding of how the overall industry works.  Through interactions with the instructors and the other students, I was able to gained a perspective much broader than I would have otherwise been able to.  I have a better understanding of the interactions with the customers and the other competitors that will help us better position BMA to pursue key target contracts.


Q: Can you share an example of how the bootcamp's teachings on opportunity assessment have impacted your ability to identify and evaluate potential business opportunities?  

A: The bootcamp helped me better understand how to evaluate government contract opportunities and evaluate their potential as it relates to BMA.  As we move forward, we will be able to better evaluate our probability of winning and decide how to best use our corporate resources to grow the company. 


Q: In what ways has the knowledge gained from the bootcamp enhanced your capture planning skills, and how do you now approach securing valuable business prospects?

A: The Shipley course helped me learn the overall capture process, including:

  • Making smart pursuit decisions

  • Conducting opportunity assessments

  • Preparing a capture plan and action plan

  • Collecting business and competitive intelligence

  • Comparing competitor capabilities against our own

  • Developing a win strategy


Q: How has your understanding of effective proposal development evolved after attending the bootcamp?

A: The Shipley course specifically taught me valuable lessons including how to: 

  • Create effective proposal strategies

  • Develop compliance checklists

  • Outline proposals to match government instructions

  • Assign requirements to specific authors and contributors

  • Prepare for and conduct an effective proposal kickoff meetings

  • Lead high-performing proposal teams on fast-paced schedules

  • Prepare for effective reviews to ensure compliance and consistency in message


If you are interested in completing a workshop, bootcamp, or professional development opportunity relating to your position contact us today!

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