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Our Director of APG Programs, Rease Griffith had the opportunity to fly with the 459th Wing!

Our Director of APG Programs, Rease Griffith recently had the extraordinary opportunity to embark on a sky-high adventure with the 459th Wing, immersing himself in the intricacies of an in-flight refueling operation. This unique experience unfolded as he soared over the coast of New Jersey aboard a KC135, witnessing the precision and expertise that characterize the Air Force's aerial refueling capabilities.

In a daring display of aerial finesse, the receiving F16s approached their KC135 within a mere 12 feet. The seamless connection and the subsequent transfer of highly flammable jet fuel were a testament to the exceptional skill and training exhibited by the Air Force personnel. It's a spectacle that left Rease in awe.

To put the operation into perspective, the KC135 boasted a fuel capacity equivalent to three tractor trailers, totaling a staggering 35,000 gallons. As they participated in this intricate dance of aircraft, Rease couldn't help but appreciate the magnitude of the logistical prowess required to sustain such operations consistently.

Exploring Joint Base Andrews (JBA):

Upon their return to terra firma at Joint Base Andrews, Rease had the privilege of delving further into the world of aviation. His visit to the 113th Wing, led by the accomplished Brian Sank, provided an up-close encounter with an F16. This sleek and compact aircraft, with its myriad capabilities, left an indelible mark on his appreciation for the versatility of modern aviation.

The entire experience served as a profound reminder of the Air Force's unwavering commitment to safety and operational excellence. Witnessing the execution of in-flight refueling and exploring the impressive capabilities of the F16 left him with a newfound respect for the men and women who ensure the skies remain secure and our aircraft soar to new heights.

This adventure has not only deepened his understanding of aviation operations but has also instilled a sense of pride in the remarkable achievements of the 459th Wing and the broader Air Force community.

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