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Happy National "Work Like a Dog Day"! 🐶 August 5th*

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

At BMA, we take "Work Like a Dog Day" to a whole new level, celebrating the boundless potential that comes with having our loyal canine companions by our side. Our hybrid team members know that working from home doesn't mean working alone; it means having the ultimate work buddies - our adorable dogs!

🐾 The Benefits of Having Dogs

Did you know that having dogs can significantly improve our productivity and well-being? Numerous studies have shown that the presence of furry friends can reduce stress, boost morale, and increase overall job satisfaction. They are the masters of unconditional love, always ready to brighten our day with a wagging tail or warm our feet under our desk as professional foot warmers.

🐾 Dogs While Working Remotely

Whether it's a virtual meeting or a solo task, our canine co-workers are always ready to lend a paw. From being excellent listeners during presentations to encouraging much-needed breaks for outdoor walks, they effortlessly bring balance to our work lives.

🐾 Unleashing Potential at a New Job that Empowers Canine Companions

Ready to dive into a rewarding career that combines professional growth with the joy of having dogs as co-workers? Reach out to us today at to explore our open positions and discover a workplace that celebrates the uniqueness of each team member, human, and canine alike.

Celebrate "Work Like a Dog Day" with us and let's embark on an exciting journey together!

Here are some of BMA’s Top Paw-sitivity Performers!

Wilma hard at work on what seems to be a Friday afternoon...

Jasper is nervous because his slide is next

As a Corgi, Elsie understands the importance of lumbar support.

Rayne when she is online shopping...

Rayne when she hears her email notification at 4:59pm

Emmitt when he hears his coworker talking about lunch orders before 10am

If you would like to add your favorite co-worker to the Top Paws section, send us an email at with their name and a photo hard at work!

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