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BMA's March Employee of the Month!

So what did you do at work today?

Brian Sanks did a lot “at work” during March, but he did not do it from his normal place of work. He did it on an Aircraft Carrier, the biggest one, the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) to be exact. Huh? Seriously. This is how it happened. Brian is one of our Senior Cyber Security Analyst here at BMA and works on the Army Evaluation Center Cyber Assessment contract. He and his teammates normally travel to four-star Combatant Commands to run test and evaluations on the Command’s Exercises. Picture hotels and working out of a SCIF. Well, the Navy called and asked if we could provide a Cyber Security Analyst for a major test aboard CVN78 as part of their ongoing sea trials. And here's the best part, “we’ll fly you out to the carrier and back after the exercise is done.” As a Captain in the DC Air National Guard, Brian is always up for another near-death aviation experience. He immediately jumped at the opportunity and spent 14 days being a Cyber Sailor on the high seas. And they served up good chow, too. After reading his trip report, I could smell the salt air, see tons of digital bounty on the horizon, and the need to rename his laptop “Cyber Cutlass”, AAARRRGGGH! Brian did an excellent job supporting the CVN 78’s Sea Trials. High adventure. Brian’s March was not your typical day at the office. I commend him.

Great Landing! “No brakes, just a hook, and a prayer…it's a real cheek clencher…”

Great take off! “Like being shot out of a cannon…”

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