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Women in Defense: Highlights from the 2023 National Cyber Summit 20 September 2023

Our Contracts Manager, Emily Bourgoin attended the 2023 National Cyber Summit, held in Huntsville, Alabama.

Emily Bourgoin, Contracts Manager for BMA and Director at Large for WID Tennessee Valley

The National Cyber Summit is a premier cybersecurity and technology conference that brings together experts, industry leaders, and innovators from around the world. It serves as a hub for sharing knowledge, discussing emerging trends, and exploring strategies to combat evolving cyber threats. Read more here:

The Role of Women in Defense: Women have long been a part of the defense sector, contributing their expertise, skills, and dedication to protect national security.

  • Breaking Stereotypes: Women in defense are breaking stereotypes and challenging traditional gender roles. They are excelling in diverse roles, from cybersecurity experts to engineers, strategists, and leaders. This diversity of talent enriches the industry with fresh perspectives and innovative solutions.

  • Promoting Diversity: Diverse teams are more resilient and creative when tackling complex problems.

  • Encouraging the Next Generation: The Women in Defense Tennessee Valley chapter's presence at the event was not just about celebrating current achievements but also about inspiring the next generation of women to pursue careers in defense. Their presence served as a powerful example that gender should never be a barrier to achieving one's dreams.

BMA will be participating in the 2023 Women in Defense Golf Tournament in October. For more information on this event:

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