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We Won the Publication Support Services Contract!

BMA is excited to announce our Oasis IDIQ task order award for the Combined Arms Center (CAC) Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate Doctrine (CADD) Publication Support Services Contract.

CADD develops Army doctrine for specified proponency areas; performs doctrine integration for Army doctrine; develops, recommends and designs force structure and operating concepts for new modular units from brigade through corps level; and develops, coordinates, and recommends doctrinal policy and guidance.

BMA and our partner 29 Pixel Studios will provide Editorial, Doctrinal Review and Visual Information Support to CADD and the Army Doctrine Program.

BMA has been partnering with 29 Pixel Studios for over five years supporting DoD contracts.

Headquartered in Huntsville, AL BMA operates in 27 states and in U.S. CENTCOM, U.S. EUCOM, U.S. INDOPACOM and U.S. SOUTHCOM. Over 70% of BMA employees are Veterans and over 40% are Service-Disabled Veterans.

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