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Our FSO, Connie Ng attended the 2024 NCMS conference in Nashville, TN!

At BMA, our staff's dedication to excellence is unwavering. This commitment drives us to constantly improve and innovate, ensuring we provide our clients with unparalleled service and security. We are delighted to announce that Connie Ng, Facility Security Officer (FSO), recently participated in The Society of Industrial Security Professionals (NCMS, Inc.) 60th Annual Training Seminar in Nashville, TN. This significant event underscored our commitment to staying ahead in the industry.

Learning and Innovation Hub:

The NCMS Annual Training Seminar is a hallmark event for security professionals, known for fostering knowledge exchange and innovation. This year’s seminar in Nashville provided a dynamic environment for learning and collaboration. The city’s vibrant culture and energy added a unique backdrop to the event.

Connie engaged in a range of workshops and panel discussions led by industry experts. Topics covered included cutting-edge security technologies, strategic risk management, and evolving compliance standards. These sessions offered Connie invaluable insights and the opportunity to network with other professionals dedicated to excellence in security.

Advancing Our Mission:

Connie’s experience at the seminar not only enhanced her expertise but also reinforced our mission to lead in the security industry. The knowledge and insights gained from this event will help us better serve our clients and continue to innovate in our practices.


At BMA, we are proud of Connie’s achievements and her role in pushing our company forward. Her participation in the NCMS Annual Training Seminar exemplifies our ongoing commitment to professional development and industry leadership.

As we move forward, we remain focused on excellence, innovation, and providing our clients with the highest standards of security. Stay tuned for more updates on how we continue to grow and excel at BMA.


Check out what Connie has to say about her time in Nashville:


  1. What was the most impactful session you attended at NCMS? Can you share any key takeaways or new perspectives you gained from the session? 

I would say the best sessions I attended were Understanding Geopolitical Threats with Tracy Walder and The CMMC Journey presented by Optiv+ClearShark.  

Tracy is a former Staff Operations Officer at the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center and was also an FBI special agent specializing in Chinese counterintelligence operations. Her insight into global and domestic threats really put into perspective exactly how important safeguarding information is. She spoke about how the average sleeper agent in the United States can live here for 20+ years before ever receiving their first assignment. Just to put it into perspective, that’s a quarter of the average human life span dedicated to one goal. The everchanging battle of safeguarding requirements and protecting proprietary information has never been more important than now in this advancing digital age.  

This leads into what I would consider the second most important session for me since BMA is on its own CMMC journey along with hundreds of other contracting companies. Being able to see how another CMMC Third Party Assessor Organization (C3PAO) was able to receive their own certification was extremely helpful so I could gauge how far along we are in that process. I’m looking forward to bringing what I’ve learned to BMA and bettering our security program.   


  1. How do you plan to apply what you've learned at the conference to your current role? 

One of the best parts about my current role is that it’s nearly impossible to not come across something new every day. Being able to attend the NCMS conference allowed me to interact with and learn from so many others in my profession. I was able to speak with them about what products they use for certain CMMC/DFARS requirements and get a lot of recommendations about the best way for us to move forward as a company with our CMMC assessment.   


  1. How do you approach networking at such large events? Do you have any tips for making meaningful connections? 

Networking at events with hundreds of attendees can seem stressful, but I think it helps to remember that everyone is in the same boat as you so you most likely aren’t alone in feeling this way. It helped me to remember that I, and everyone else there, was attending because we not only wanted to better our individual programs and companies, but also ourselves as professionals.  


  1. How do you think conferences like NCMS can better support and promote diversity within the industry? 

I think NCMS did a fantastic job of having a variety of speakers from different backgrounds and professions within Industrial Security! They are also partnered with America’s VetDogs whose mission is to train and provide guide and service dogs to our veterans with disabilities. With so many attendees coming from across the country bringing their various insights and experiences, the conference really is like a melting pot of ideas.  


       5. What is the best restaurant you visited on your trip? Any advice for traveling to Nashville? 

Chauhan Ale and Masala House on 12th Ave! They have a great menu with foods ranging from traditional curries to fun fusion items like Tandoor Chicken Poutine or Nashville Hot Fried Pakoras. The banana foster bread pudding at Lockeland Table was also hard to beat! It had a rum cremé anglaise that was simply delicious.  

My main tip for traveling in Nashville, especially if you're going to Opryland, is to bring walking shoes!! There's so much to see and do just at Opryland itself that I was walking on average 12,000 steps a day!

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